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Davey employees from tree service offices, branches and utilities in regions across the U.S. and Canada gather in an indoor forest beneath a pavilion at the Davey Institute for the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences (DITS) program. There they learn tree service techniques and treatment methods.

Historic Tree Service Training Celebrates 105th Birthday

February 18, 2014

Thanks to new friendships, teamwork and a bit of technology coordination, one-year-old Lilly Wiland received a very special birthday message from her dad this year.

How so? Nearly 60 of her dad's newest friends and colleagues helped him deliver it from hundreds of miles away. (We think they aced this rendition of "Happy Birthday," which you can watch and listen to on YouTube.)

Rich Wiland, Lilly's father and employee from Davey's Naples residential office, has spent the last four weeks away from home for an intensive tree service training program at the Davey Institute in Kent, Ohio. Although he had to miss his daughter's first birthday, Wiland's family got to witness the result of camaraderie he shared during his once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The Davey Institute of Tree Sciences (DITS) students and instructors dedicate long hours to the study of tree care, climbing techniques, client experience and more nearly every day of the week-even Saturdays. But between the classroom sessions, outdoor demonstrations, and independent studying after hours, many students involved finding the time to benefit from something a bit more meaningful-friendship.

Now, for 105 years, DITS has provided select Davey employees a unique opportunity to not only benefit from the arboricultural intellect the Davey Institute has to offer, but also to meet employees working for other service lines in several different regions of the U.S. and Canada. It's obvious Davey's dedication to employee training programs has paid off in many ways but it's the professional relationships that stem from experiences like DITS that shape long-term, successful careers.

This year, one of the program's largest classes yet will end its tree service training adventure on Friday at the DITS Graduation Banquet. We wish all 58 students safe and happy travels on their return home!        


Ready to deliver TREEmendous care to the special trees standing within your own backyard? Think about the tree service education you need to help your trees thrive in the coming growing season.

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We'd love to pass along the tree service tips we've been perfecting for more than 100 years. Happy tree tending!

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