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During the week of Christmas and beyond, hundreds of Davey crews worked through one of the worst ice storms in recent history, Winter Storm Gemini. Photo: Eric Vibert

Ring in the New Year, the Safe Way

December 30, 2013

Out with the "cold" and in with the new.

It is likely hundreds of thousands of families and businesses residing in the Northeast are very much looking forward to the beginning of a New Year. Without power for more than a week in some cases, victims of Winter Storm Gemini have suffered frigid temperatures and little to no sense of normalcy among their families as the holidays came and went.

Hundreds of Davey crews spent their holidays working to help restore power to those who have experienced one of the worst ice storms in recent history, which began the weekend before Christmas. Some crews worked 16-hour days to address the high volume of power outages in Michigan, Maine, Vermont and Ontario, Canada.

Canadian crews are still working on storm damage for utility companies, municipalities and residential areas from Southern Ontario to Brantford. At the peak of storm recovery in northern Vermont and Maine, Davey and Wolf Tree crews from as far away as Tennessee arrived to help alleviate some storm damage centered up north. Now, a few local crews remain in Vermont to finish the work.

Crews working on storm damage in Michigan completed their assignments this weekend, after about one week straight of work. At peak activity, hundreds of crews were working throughout the state.

ice storm 2013 tree services
Davey Foreman Michael Inacio's truck pictured shortly after a major ice storm blew through Genesee County, Mich. Photo: Michael Inacio

We appreciate the hard work our crews have exerted and encourage all those affected to stay safe.

In the meantime, the first winter storm of 2014 is on its way, headed toward the Midwest and Northeast. Forecasts predict inches of snowfall as a powerful low-pressure system develops along the Eastern U.S. coastline.

The bottom line is winter weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared to stay safe. We wish you-and your trees-a happy and healthy New Year!

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