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The TCI EXPO 2013 museum featured equipment, tools, climbing gears, photos and more from previous years to highlight milestones within the history of the tree care industry. Davey's restored 1931 Ford Model AA spray rig (pictured) features a John Beam pump that still functions. Photo: Kathleen Costello

Celebrating Tree Care History at TCI EXPO 2013

December 3, 2013

Family gatherings 'round the fireplace illustrate the sentiments of the season, while cheer and excitement highlight fun holiday festivities--most of which participants have been familiar for many years.

One sense of familiarity that typically encompasses the holiday season is tradition. It's the history behind annual holiday festivities that qualifies traditions as events we look forward to year after year. Traditions represent a part of our past--a time upon which we can choose to positively reflect.

Davey's employee owners often reflect on the history of the company, from its beginning in 1880 to the reach of services we have accomplished into today. Although Davey services have evolved to address the needs of modern day tree care clients, the company is familiar with its traditions--their significance, their value and their meaning. Davey recognizes its rich company history and values the stories and expertise behind it.

But Davey has also greatly contributed to the history of the tree care industry as well. This fall, employees from The Davey Tree Expert Company traveled to Charlotte, N.C., to attend the Tree Care Industry Association's (TCIA) 75th annual TCI EXPO, an event that commemorated TCIA's 75-year history as an association.

TCIA was founded in 1938. According to the TCI EXPO 2013 website, "This anniversary serves as a way to honor the commitment of the pioneers who established the organization, to reflect on the volunteer members who oversaw its growth, and to salute the current members who act as stewards for its ongoing legacy."

TCI EXPO 75th anniversary museum
Davey's Bill Heim (retiree, left) and Tom Hutchins occupy Davey's portion of the history exhibit during TCI EXPO 2013 in Charlotte, N.C. Photo: Kathleen Costello

To highlight milestones the tree care industry has accomplished, TCI EXPO 2013 featured a history museum that highlighted pictures, equipment, documents, tools, climbing gear, stories and informative anecdotes about key figures and events in the tree care industry.

TCIA members, such as Davey, donated pieces to the exhibit's collection. Davey contributed several historical artifacts, including a restored 1931 Ford Model AA spray rig. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the museum throughout the event.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Which traditions involve the family Christmas tree, and when did they begin? Share your stories in the comments below!

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