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A photo wall containing approximately 100 images of Davey projects covers one of the walls within Davey's San Francisco R/C office, thanks to Assistant District Manager Brian Baker and Sales Arborist Nick Crawford.

Thankful for Davey's Service Experiences

November 25, 2013

Last week we shared a story about Davey Sales Arborist Nick Crawford's experience with a long-term client who highly values her trees. Read the story below to learn how Crawford shares his special Davey experiences with others.

Not only can Crawford explain his gratitude for great clients in words but also through photos--hundreds of photos, in fact: "Photos can be interesting for many reasons--striking beauty, a unique perspective or an emotional trigger," he says.

For Crawford, in addition to the visual appeal he observes in their presence, photos also tell stories. And he has several client stories to appreciate--a collection of Davey experiences he has displayed on an otherwise empty wall in Davey's San Francisco office.

"Taking photos is like breathing for me--my eyes are just viewfinders," Crawford says.

Crawford adopted the idea from Assistant District Manager Brian Baker, who had first posted a few of his own photos along the wall. "Before the photos, a Davey poster hung on the wall, saying something along the lines of, 'Doing It Right Since 1880,'" Baker explains. "I thought we should show our crews 'Doing It Right.'"

Crawford added to the collection by printing 100 photos from his previous year at Davey: "I stayed up late one night and cranked it up to a whole new level," he says.

For Crawford, the photos he has displayed provide an opportunity to reflect on his first year with Davey and living in San Francisco. "In the moment, it all whizzes past, but when I step back, I realize how much has happened and how much we've accomplished," he says.

Thankful for Davey services sales arborist
"Seeing the world through a camera lens keeps me engaged in the present and saves something to share and reflect on," says Davey Sales Arborist Nick Crawford (pictured above). To highlight special opportunities from his first year with the company, Crawford printed 100 photos from service experiences to hang on the wall in Davey's San Francisco office.

Other crewmembers feel the same way. "You can't help but pause in the hallway to think back on a mega tree removal that took five guys all week last Christmas, or an overnight project where we rented tower lights to make a campus safe before the students returned in the morning," Crawford explains. "We're all a part of those photos. We can't help but be transported to those memories."

Baker agrees. "The photos highlight our crews in action, the unique projects we address and the beautiful area in which we live and work," he says. "It provides our crews with a sense of pride."

Crawford hopes his photo wall is a "permanent installation" in the office. "We can always add more photos," he says. "The fact that the photos include both the people near and dear to me--people I work with--and the beauty of this city and the trees I'm passionate about is a perfect combination." In fact, crews continuously text him photos from client properties, asking him to print the images and post them--something Crawford will always try to do.

Picture Perfect: Have you experienced a special Davey service experience? If so, we'd love to hear about it! Share your stories and photos with us at blog@davey.com.

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