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Remembering the Fallen

September 9, 2011

Outdoor projects comes in all shapes and sizes; no two are exactly alike.

But some projects are truly special. They have a memory and connection and such life, they get inside you as you work on them. They leave behind something extraordinary that becomes a part of you.  

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of that dark day when terrorists attacked the U.S. No American can forget where they were, what they were doing or how they felt that morning when planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon and this remote field in Pennsylvania where 40 heroes averted Flight 93 from its targeted destination.

The Davey Tree Expert Company is honored to work with the National Park Foundation, which had led a $30-million campaign to fund the construction of a memorial for those 40 heroes of Flight 93. The memorial is being dedicated this weekend on Sept. 10, followed by a memorial service on Sept. 11, and Davey will be there to witness the events.


The Memorial Plaza and Field of Honor are the first areas that were completed for the dedication. After this weekend, they will be permanently open to the public. Then, on Sept. 11, the attacks will be observed in a morning service. (You can watch the events live, including luminary lighting and wreath laying, as well as a performance by Sarah McLachlan, at History.com. Also, learn more about Davey's efforts in initial project phases here and here.)

The Flight 93 National Memorial embodies thoughtfully designed features embedded in the landscape that resonate with the personalities of the people and the events that defined that flight, as well as with the general theme of healing. There are more than a dozen distinct elements - from the Sacred Ground where Flight 93 crashed to a mile-wide Field of Honor with panoramic overlooks to a Visitor Center, memorial tree groves and a sentinel-like Tower of Voices. 


The Memorial, which is the centerpiece of a 2,220-acre park that was once a coal mine, will leave visitors with a deeper understanding of the brave sacrifices of the 40 heroes. In the spirit of restoration, the site will also include many "green" elements with help from Davey Resource Group experts, including reforestation, pond rehabilitation and the planting of wildflowers and natural grasses.

We were all touched in some way by the events of 9/11. Working on this project and being so close to the extraordinary tales of these 40 brave heroes and their families and friends makes us feel like we're doing our small part to help properly and respectfully represent life. Life that is free. Life that is innocent. Life that is good. Life that should be remembered.

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