Spotlight: Davey Cares for Trees at Bank of America Stadium

Spotlight: Davey Cares for Trees at Bank of America Stadium

Pumpkins on porches and color-changing leaves on trees can only mean one thing… Football season is officially here.

Through February, we’ll spend our Sundays (and Mondays, too) munching on our favorite game day snacks and cheering for our favorite teams.

But, nothing beats being at the stadium – watching alongside tens of thousands of fans.

To celebrate the start of football season, we’re sharing more about the tree care work Davey does at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium.

Seeing Green at The Bank of America Stadium

This year, The Bank of America Stadium is celebrating its 20th birthday! While the stadium’s classic design hasn’t changed over the last two decades, you’ll now, more than ever, feel like you’re in a park. Natural green hues are nearly as prevalent as the black, blue and silver. And, that’s intentional.

During the stadium’s recent renovations, incorporating green and sustainable elements was a top priority. For instance, more grass was planted instead of concrete walkways and parking spots for tailgating outside of the stadium. There, you’ll also see trees and landscaping enveloping the stadium. Specifically, red oaks, live oaks, willow oaks, red maples, dogwoods and loblolly pine trees add a slice of natural beauty.

Once inside, the natural grass field will catch your eye. In fact, Sports Illustrated ranked The Bank of America Stadium’s turf #5 out of the 31 NFL stadiums.

In addition to greening the stadium, the renovations also included HD video boards, updated sound systems, modernized suites and enhanced Wi-Fi and cell service.

The Story behind Davey as the Official Tree Care Provider of Bank of America Stadium

Back in January 2014, the Davey team began work at The Bank of America Stadium.

To start, Davey consulted with stadium management and construction contractors to ensure no trees were lost during the stadium renovations. To boost the trees’ health, Davey then incorporated techniques such as vertical mulching and soil nutrient injections with our patented Arbor Green PRO®.

“A Stadium in-the-Park” - The Trees at The Bank of America Stadium

Over the years, Davey’s relationship with The Bank of America Stadium grew. Now, Davey now provides pruning, fertilizing and plant health care services to all of the stadium’s trees.

Throughout the stadium’s 33 acres, hundreds of trees provide shade and beauty to Carolina fans and players. While most of the trees were planted during initial stadium construction, stadium management has made it a top priority to continue planting trees and provide them with Davey’s year-round care.

“The Bank of America Stadium is the centerpiece of the Charlotte community and a fundamental landmark in Charlotte’s thriving Uptown,” says Ray Betz, district manager for Davey’s Charlotte office. “Mr. Richardson, the stadium’s founder, always envisioned the stadium would provide a true world-class experience. That goes beyond watching the game from your seat. It’s also about participating in pregame festivities under the stadium’s lush tree canopy–or strolling through the stadium’s beautiful shaded path on non-game days,” Betz adds.

And because of the stadium’s numerous trees, you truly feel like you’re at a football game in a majestic park. “The trees infuse energy and life into The Bank of America Stadium,” Betz says. “The classic, bowl-shaped stadium and its greenery capture the essence of Charlotte. It’s a high-energy place with loads of Southern charm.”

Betz and his team take this same professional approach when caring for other clients and provide tree and lawn care services to Charlotte and surrounding communities.

Looking to the Future

While The Bank of America Stadium looks great now, it will look even better when renovations are finished in 2018.

When completed, the team president, Danny Morrison, told the Panthers will have the “best outdoor stadium in America.”

We have to admit, we agree!

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