3 Steps to Reduce Wind and Storm Damage on Trees

3 Steps to Reduce Wind and Storm Damage on Trees

Throughout summer, we’re rewarded with our fair share of clear, blue skies with gleaming sunshine. We also experience the complete opposite - dark, rainy skies coupled with robust, howling wind.

While you may prefer one scene over the other, there’s no question our trees would rather soak up the sun than get drenched in the downpour.

In the midst of summer storms, our trees are vulnerable to heavy wind, rain, and lightning. These stressful elements affect trees from root to tip, which can hurt their health or damage to your property.

Rest assured, though. Summer storms are no match for strong, healthy trees.

Protect your trees from high winds and stressful weather with these storm prep practices.

Preventative Pruning

Pruning is just what your plants need to combat heavy winds. A thinner canopy softens the blow of harsh wind and protects the trunk and branches.

Pruning also frees the tree of weak branches that could fall and damage property during a storm.

With only stable branches left standing, trees are better able to endure the windy weather.

Lines of Protection

Standing straight and tall, trees offer an ideal path for lightning to travel to the ground. Of course, this convenient trail is harmful to the tree – and could put your home in danger.

Install a lightning protection system to send the electrical forces down a different path. The series of wires leading into the ground steers the current away from the tree.

If you have a historical or unique tree on your property you would be devastated if you lost, lightning protection can help keep it safe.

Click to learn more about prepping and protecting your trees from wind and summer storms!

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