The Benefits of Hiring a Davey Certified Arborist

The Benefits of Hiring a Davey Certified Arborist

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It doesn’t take a tree care professional to recognize the countless ways trees enrich our lives with beauty, shelter and health benefits. 

But, those professionals do come in handy when it’s time to keep our treasured trees safe and healthy.

Proper tree care and maintenance takes knowledge and expertise—two qualities that are top of mind for Davey Tree professionals. Learn more below about how our certified arborists and tree care scientists bring clients like you the best tree service.

Certified Arborists

You’ve probably heard the term in your search for the right tree service, but you may be wondering what exactly a certified arborist is.

Here’s the gist: The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an organization that promotes professional practice of arboriculture and raises awareness on tree benefits, awards arborists with certification credentials. ISA Certified Arborists® are tree care specialists who have shown a commitment to the profession through practical work experience and accredited education.

Becoming an ISA Certified Arborist® is a lengthy process. Prospective tree care professionals go through an exam and rigorous application process, including reference letters and multiple verifications.

The dedication from these arborists translates into a few key benefits for you.

Certified arborists:

  • Voluntarily continue their education, showing a desire to better serve clients
  • Gain knowledge and skills to properly care for and maintain trees
  • Have a proven commitment to safe tree care practice and ethical service

Taking expert tree care one step further, our certified arborists count on scientists and technical advisors at the Davey Institute for the latest plant care research.

The Davey Institute

At the Institute, Davey tree scientists and technical advisors research best practices for diagnosing and treating tree concerns.

The Institute honors the mission of Davey Tree founder John Davey: bringing modern scientific data to every client’s property.

For nearly a century, the Davey Institute’s lab has produced products and processes for handling pests and diseases while also helping plants thrive.

Our arborists bring the findings straight to your property, setting them apart from other industry leaders.

The best part is our clients reap the benefits of the Institute’s tailored approach.

Davey scientists study plant health care that affects different species and regions, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving personalized care. Debbie Miller, senior diagnostician and plant pathologist at the Institute, breaks down the process our scientists take to diagnose your trees.

Want to experience Davey’s expertise first-hand? Request a consultation with your local office for a free tree inspection. 

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