Davey Employees Honor Veterans with a Day of Service

Davey Employees Honor Veterans with a Day of Service

Arborists and tree care professionals across the nation banned together on Sept. 23 for the first “Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance” day of service.

More than 1,100 volunteers spent their day at National Cemeteries across 20 states to give back to our nation’s fallen veterans.

Davey employees made up more than 110 of these volunteers, providing care for cemetery grounds and trees. For some, the experience went beyond tending to trees; the service allowed them to honor family and friends who served in the U.S. Military.

Ruth Ann Sobnosky, project coordinator for Davey Resource Group, said the experience was meaningful because she had the chance to visit the gravesite of her in-laws.

“It was a sobering day, with ongoing burials and visitors mourning their losses,” Sobnosky says. “But in some small way I was able to show my appreciation to veterans, which made the day very worthwhile.”

Some Davey volunteers are past veterans who used the day to pay respect to fellow men and women who fought before, during and after their time of service.

 “As a veteran, it means a lot,” said Terry Brier, Portland, OR residential tree service district manager. “For many veterans, this will be their final resting place. We need to make sure we honor the ones who serve and ensure these cemeteries are not only a memorial but also a place of beauty.”

Throughout the service day, volunteers provided large and small tree and branch removals, raised tree canopies, and pruned and cleared ground debris. In all, Davey employees and volunteers from other tree companies enriched 27 National Cemeteries’ landscapes.

Davey was honored to participate in and sponsor this event. Thank you to all Davey volunteers who provided their time and skills to honor our fallen heroes.

To find out more about community projects Davey is involved with, visit the Davey Newsroom.

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