How to Properly Mulch Your Trees

How to Properly Mulch Your Trees

The blog post below was submitted by Davey's Daniel Kump, district manager at the company's San Diego residential tree care office. He is a regular contributor to the Experts Contributor Program on Angie's List, where this blog was originally published.


Proper mulching is very beneficial for landscapes, but one of the worst mistakes you can make when caring for a landscape is overmulching. Follow these simple rules of mulching and you, too, can reap the benefits of a beautifully mulched landscape this season. 

Do: Spread the mulch evenly

Using your shovel, evenly spread the mulch circle all the way out to the tree’s drip line. Don’t worry about making it level – you can even out the mulch after you’re done spreading.

Don't: Over mulch

The mulch around your tree should never resemble a volcano. This practice can harm the tree more than it will help it, creating a perfect breeding ground for harmful pests.

Do: Level out the mulch

Use your rake to even out the mulch around the base of the tree. By taking the mulch down to the proper level, the tree can reap all of the benefits mulch provides while avoiding pest infestations, infections and disease that can be caused by incorrect mulching.

Proper mulching should mimic a natural setting for your tree. When done correctly, like the photo above, mulch will suppress weeds, retain moisture, eliminate disease and pest infestations and regulate soil temperature. 

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