Davey Ranch Camp Visit No. 1: Educational Nature Walk

Davey Ranch Camp Visit No. 1: Educational Nature Walk

Davey's Denver-area operations participated in two special events at Elbert, Colorado's JCC Ranch Camp this summer. Read below to learn more about the walk Davey representatives led on-site to educate campers about trees and the environment.

Tree education is key. That is why Andy Ferguson, operations manager for the south central region of Davey’s residential/commercial services, and John Bretsch, district manager at Davey’s East Denver residential tree care services office, visited JCC Ranch Camp in beautiful Elbert, Colorado, to teach campers the importance of trees.


JCC Ranch Camp, a Davey client, is a Jewish summer camp that was established in 1953 to provide 400 campers the “True Jewish Western Experience."

Ferguson and Bretsch led nearly 30 campers on a two-hour educational nature walk, teaching the kids valuable lessons about trees and the environment within the camp’s expansive Black Forest. The children learned how to identify trees and their benefits throughout the campground, which included identifying a grouping of black locusts in the camp’s front meadow.

Gina McReynolds, assistant director of JCC Ranch Camp, says, “Andy and John, the Davey staff, get to be earth super heroes in their daily jobs and were kind enough to make the commitment to come down and share their knowledge and expertise with us as well.”

Ferguson says it’s important to continue their relationship with JCC Ranch Camp and to inspire youth to know more about the environment in which they roam each summer.

“By following through, showing up and spending the day at camp, they empowered our community to know more and care more about our natural surroundings,” McReynolds says.

Check out the Davey blog later this week to read about Davey's involvement with the camp's first Stumpy's Stampede 5K and 10K Trail Run.


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