Downtown Kent Office Interior Turns Back to Nature

Downtown Kent Office Interior Turns Back to Nature

The unbridled beauty of the Cuyahoga River running through downtown Kent has overflowed onto a new mural at 295 S. Water St.

Where college students gather for classes, campus activities and small town excursions; where black squirrels roam landscapes and scurry among the trees; and where the Cuyahoga River flows freely in crooked fashion, we have roots.

John Davey founded The Davey Tree Expert Company in Kent, Ohio, in 1880, and although the business has branched out across North America, our home address - our headquarters - hasn't changed.

In support of our hometown and its continuous development and improvement efforts, Davey moved approximately 90 Kent-based employees to the third floor of a new downtown Kent office space in August 2012. Smithers-Oasis, another company headquartered in Kent, joined Davey in the same building shortly after, occupying the second floor.

Within the past several months, both companies partnered with Fairmount Properties to install a mural in the ground floor lobby of the building, located on Water Street in Kent. Cleveland-area artist and Kent State University adjunct professor Tim Myrick created the water-color illustration. It depicts the changing scenes and history of the river as it runs south from Kent’s northern limits through downtown and past John Brown Tannery Park, where the infamous abolitionist once operated a tannery business.

The mural highlights how the city progressed with each historic adaptation of the river. Imagery and landmarks in the scene include Standing Rock, Brady’s Leap, The Star of the West Milling Co. grain elevators, the Silk Mill building, the Main Street Bridge, Stone Arch Dam, Brown’s tannery and the Erie Depot and Pufferbelly restaurant.

A reproduction of the original watercolor painting by Myrick was printed onto a soft knit fabric, and the mural was framed and mounted on the wall this month. It stands over 8 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

A formal dedication of the mural will be held in the fall.

If you, a family member or friend has Davey memorabilia or stories to share, send an email to We'd love to read about others' experiences with the company!

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