How to Plant and Care for Young Trees

How to Plant and Care for Young Trees

The sun is shining and trees are budding! Davey is on the air to talk trees this spring season.

Davey is proud to appear on St. Louis’ KTRS, NewsRadio 550 station this spring, summer and fall. Each Saturday afternoon, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Last week, Karl Dreyer, district manager of Davey’s St. Louis, Missouri, residential tree care services, discussed tree care for young trees with radio hosts Jim McMillan and John Shea of the “Inside Out” show. The following script is based on Dreyer’s interview.

KTRS: A lot of people received tree saplings for Arbor Day. How do you plant and care for these young trees?

KD: One of the more common things we see when visiting our clients’ properties is a tree with a great deal of emotional attachment. We hear, “My daughter brought that tree home in second grade for Arbor Day; it was a seedling and now is a 40-year-old mature tree.” Make sure you know what type of tree it is before planting because each tree requires different planting techniques. You need to know how big the tree will get, which soil conditions it will require and how much light it will need. First, find out which type of tree you have and do your research.

KTRS: How do you know when to prune trees?

KD: Depending on the type of tree, you should be careful of pruning a live limb during the growing season. But if a branch is creating substantial issues in the growing process, feel free to cut it out. A few years back, a co-worker gave me the advice, “when and doubt, cut it out.”

KTRS: How often should I water my tree?

KD: The key is to use just enough water to keep the tree damp, especially during hot, dry periods.

KTRS: Trees are using a lot of moisture during this time of year—how do we help trees during the dry spells?

KD: Newly planted trees have a smaller root system, making it difficult for the roots to draw up water from the soil. We have to help supplement the tree by giving it extra water—allowing the roots to absorb more and feed its leaves.

For more advice about planting young trees, listen to the full interview with Dreyer.

Did you receive a tree sapling for Arbor Day and are confused where or how to plant it? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist for a free consultation.

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