Celebrating the Earth and Trees

Celebrating the Earth and Trees

Last week marked two very important “green” holidays — Earth Day and National Arbor Day. Below are some highlights from related events in Kent, Ohio, where Davey's corporate offices reside.

The Kent community made Mother Nature proud as local residents and visitors celebrated its ninth annual “Who’s Your Mama?” Earth Day and Environmental Film Festival. The event included a Vegan Iron Chef VII competition at Laziza Restaurant in downtown Kent, an Environmental Film Festival at Kent State University (KSU) and a Main Street Block Party Parade last Saturday.

The parade concluded at the KSU Wick Poetry Center, where local elementary students read hand-written poems about why they loves trees. Davey donated a bag full of goodies, including a tree sapling, to all children who participated in the event. Below are some of the TREEmendous poems children shared, as well as a video highlighting a poetry reading from Ben Baron:

“If I were a tree…” as only a child can imagine! Ben Baron reads his poem during the 9th Annual Who’s Your Mama? Earth Day and Environmental Film Festival in Kent. Davey sponsored the poetry reading by donating trees to the young poets.

Posted by The Davey Tree Expert Company on Monday, April 27, 2015


Thank You Old Tree                                                                                                                  

By: Nuha Omar, 3rd grade

Thank you my old tree

for giving me good shade.

Thank you my old tree

for letting me climb

on your strong branches.

Thank you my old tree

for letting me smell

your beautiful pink flowers.

Thank you my old tree

for giving these poor creatures 

a home.

Thank you my old tree

for giving me healthy air.

Thank you my old tree

for helping me remember

the old times.


Thank You Trees                                                                                                                         

By: Naomi Yohn, third grade

Thank you 

for giving me

something to hug

when I’m lonely

Thank you 

for keeping some animals 

warm from the freezing cold winter

Thank you 

for giving me shade

in the hot, hot sun.

Thank you 

for all the leaves

to jump in during the fall.

Thank you 

for all these times

you caught me

with your branches

when I was about to fall.


A Tree Poem                                                                                                                            

By: Dominick Davis, Holden Writer’s Club, third - fifth grade

Trees thank you for bringing happiness to us kids.

I feel like you are our elder in life.

I know how you feel about spring and summer,

staying tall and proud. 

You are a giver when your leaves, 

leave you in the fall

and the children jump in your leaves.

I feel about you in the winter,

how you are a hero and winter is a villain.

I hope you understand you are a hero, garden

and friend to humans, animals and plants.

You give animals protection.

You make great harbor to the plants around you

and humans you give so much.

I wish I could get you something.                                                                         

What did your community do to celebrate these TREEmendous holidays? Comment below with your Earth Day and Arbor Day stories.

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