5 Myths About Annuals

5 Myths About Annuals

Below we help prove annuals’ worth, while exposing some common myths about these lively landscape blooms. 

Annuals pack a punch of color that will turn any landscape from “drab” to “fab.” Plant and watch these dramatic blooms flourish during their one-year life cycle. But first, let’s uncover the common misconceptions of annuals.

Here are the 5 myths exposed:

Myth 1: Annuals are budget busters.

Annuals are the fastest way to amp up the landscape with a pop of eye-catching color—without breaking the bank. Studies show that well-appointed landscapes boost your property value and attract more shoppers and diners to local businesses and restaurants. Annuals are worth the investment, you just need to know where to plant them.   

Key annual placement:

  • Home or business building entry-ways
  • Hanging baskets
  • Flower pots
  • High visibility areas

Myth 2: Annuals are too short-lived.

While it is true that annuals planted in the spring inevitably die in the fall when exposed to frost or extreme cold, the impact they make during those three-to-four months is undeniable.

Myth 3: There’s never a good time or place to plant them.

Annuals are best planted right after the last frost, but they can be planted well into spring or until the hot, high temperature weather hits. The earlier you plant annuals during the growing season—the more bang-for-your-buck you will receive.

An annual planting tip: Shawn Fitzgerald, technical advisor and landscape horticulturist with the Davey Institute, says the best annual displays are seen at 55 mph. That means big blocks of bold color, along with raised planters at high visibility exit and entry points.

Myth 4: Annuals require too much maintenance.

Annuals require a little time and maintenance, some require deadheading; others require daily or weekly watering. The key is choosing the right type of annual for your location.

Need help deciding where and which type of annual to plant? Davey can customize a maintenance plan for almost any budget.

Myth 5: Annuals don’t “do” anything.

Now that’s a myth if we ever heard one! Besides helping fill bare spots for a lush, mature look, annuals add texture, variety and color to make your property more memorable to clients, tenants and visitors.

Which annuals are right for you?

Hopefully, we sold you on annuals—here are some of the most popular, long-lasting, budget-friendly blooms to pick from.

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