Tune Into Spring Tree Advice for Homeowners

Tune Into Spring Tree Advice for Homeowners

The sun is shining and the trees are budding! Davey is on the air to talk trees this spring season.

Davey is proud to appear on St. Louis’ KTRS, NewsRadio 550 station this spring, summer and fall. Each Saturday afternoon, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Last week, Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree care services, discussed tree care tips for weathered winter trees with radio hosts Jim McMillan and John Shea of the “Inside Out show. The following script is based on Wilson’s interview.

KTRS: What are most of your calls right now? What are you seeing in St. Louis that needs to be inspected?

GW: Our technicians are out inspecting properties; we started this last week because the sun is out. We started our fungicide sprays on crabapples for apple scab. As the leaves protrude, we are going to start seeing cankerworms and everybody’s favorite: the tent caterpillar. 

KTRS: A lot of folks don’t realize that the best time to get those pesky insects and fungus diseases before they really catch hold—is now.

GW: That’s absolutely correct; you can give us a call. Our technicians will come out to see what you have. We can prevent a lot of diseases and insects that way.

KTRS: How long do people wait to know if their trees survived the cold winter?

GW: You will be able to tell pretty soon, once the leaves start to come out. Some species of trees leaf out later than others. But, by the end of April, you should know if your trees are alive or dead. It is a great time of year to notice if there is dead wood in your trees.  

KTRS: This time of the year you really hit on the prevention of insects. In the next month, we will be getting one call after another about insects. Folks don’t realize the amount of disease and insects that have slowed down early spring growth.

GW: That’s absolutely correct, if you have us come out, we are only going to treat what needs to be treated. Arborists will give you recommendations, whether it’s a fungicide treatment, or sometimes it’s just deep root fertilization. If you keep the trees’ roots healthy, in turn, the tops are going to be healthier.

For more spring tree care advice, listen to the full interview with Wilson.

Want to know how your trees are holding up this season? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist for a free consultation.

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