Landscape Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Landscape Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

The sun is shining and trees are budding! Davey is on the air to talk trees this spring season.

Davey is proud to appear on Pittsburgh KDKA, News Radio 1020 station this spring, summer and fall. Every other Sunday morning, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Recently, Dick Till, district manager of Davey’s South Pittsburgh residential tree care services, discussed tree safety and maintenance tips for homeowners with radio hosts Doug Oster and Jessica Walliser of “The Organic Gardeners. The following script is based on Till’s interview.

KDKA: Which safety precautions do you recommend for homeowners doing any type of tree care or maintenance?

DT: You need personal protective equipment (PPE)—safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection. A lot of homeowners may take safety for granted, but you need your PPE to protect you from eye injuries from flying debris, for example. Hearing protection is important when using noisy equipment like lawn mowers, chainsaws or trimmers.

KDKA: Which kind of safety glasses should you buy?

DT: Sunglasses do not provide enough protection;you should buy protective safety glasses that have side shooters. Protective safety glasses mimic sunglasses and protect your eyes from sun rays, while covering more of your face.  

KDKA: What is the best form of ear protection?

DT: Comfort is key. You may purchase smaller ear plugs that can scrunch up, and, when placed in the ear canal, expand and block the noise. Big earmuffs will work, too. Really, it comes down to whatever is most comfortable to you.

KDKA: When do homeowners need to wear hard hats?

DT: You should wear a hard hat anytime you are doing tree maintenance over your head. If a branch falls and hits your head, without a hard hat, it is going to hurt. Without proper training, most homeowners should stay away from over-head tree work.

KDKA: Chainsaws are very scary. What protection should you take while operating one?

DT: First off,there is no such thing as a one-handed chainsaw, you need to use both hands at all times—no matter what size of chainsaw. Most homeowners should never run a chainsaw, but, if you do, you should wear chaps to protect your legs and other PPE.

KDKA: How important is sanitation and cleanup this time of year?

DT: If you have crab apples that have apple scabs or fire-blight in your pachysandra, you want to clean-up old leaves from underneath these infected plants because they will re-infect the new leaves. This is the perfect time of year to clean your landscape because once the bugs break and the new leaves come out, infection is born. You want to get rid of these infected leaves by burning them or throwing them out—do not compost them.  

For more tree and landscape safety tips, listen to the full interview with Till.

Curious about proper safety precautions you should take in your own property? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist for a free consultation.

  • Derek Dewitt February 5, 2018 >My wife and I are wanting to landscape our yard this spring to add a garden, so thanks for the safety tips. I like that you suggest getting safety glasses with side shooters. I don't want any debris to get in my eyes when digging, so I'll be sure to consider this.
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