How to Mulch Your Landscape the Right Way

How to Mulch Your Landscape the Right Way

Adding mulch to your landscape can bring a rich accent to any flower bed or tree with many cost-efficient benefits—but you have to mulch correctly!

Property owners, of both homes and businesses, benefit from proper mulching techniques, which add value to your property and money in your pocket. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts of mulching and you, too, can reap the benefits of a beautifully mulched landscape this season.

Mulching: What to do.

Correct mulching involves evenly dispersing mulch 2 to 3 inches deep around the base of the tree; the mulch should resemble the base of a wine glass. Extend the mulch circle all the way out to the tree’s drip line—allowing the water the tree collects to drip into the mulch and deliver nutrients to your trees. Proper mulching should mimic a natural setting for your tree.

Correct mulching benefits include:

  • Savings of money, time and resources

  • Elimination of disease and pest infestations

  • Weed suppression

  • Moisture retention

  • Prevention of damage from mechanical equipment

  • Regulation of soil temperature


Mulching: What NOT to do.

Volcano mulching (pictured left) is an over-mulching syndrome that occurs at a tree’s trunk. Property owners often mistakenly build up mulch around the flare, stem or trunk of the tree. This causes excessive moisture collection, which creates infection and disease and attracts insects and pests. Over mulching causes stress on the tree, eliminating its chances of growing and flourishing properly.

Volcano mulching causes the following:

Infection and disease

Pest and insect infestation

Trunk stress

Waste of resources

Unnatural landscapes

Watch Davey Institute Technical Advisor Shawn Fitzgerald explain the step-by-step process of effective mulching

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