Reflections on Davey's Historic Tree Care Training Program

Reflections on Davey's Historic Tree Care Training Program

Climbing, cabling, contracting, oh, my! For one month, 51 Davey employees from all over North America were rooted in a challenging training course that tests their minds and bodies. Read more about their experience, then view a photo gallery of the 2015 DITS experience below!

Davey Institute of Tree Sciences, (DITS), brings Davey employees from the U.S. and Canada to Kent, Ohio, for a highly intensive training program each winter.

This year, the 51 attendees arrived to the Davey Institute from all walks of life, with different titles and levels of experience, but they share similar passions to better themselves. The training challenged participants with rigorous course and field work that covered several topics, from climbing techniques to insect pests and diseases. But many participants agree their new knowledge will also benefit fellow crewmembers and colleagues upon returning to work.

What did some of the 2015 DITS graduates have to say about their training experience?

Derek Fischer, 5-year employee | London, Ontario Residential Services

“The company is North American-wide but we all share the same mindset and goals, no matter where we are from.”

Stephen George, 3-year employee | Greensboro, North Carolina, Residential/Commercial Services

“This was a great experience, learning in the classroom. There were many cool people to meet here, both the ‘coworkers’ and educators.”

Jason Henry, 3-year employee | West Penn Power

“I like being part of something bigger than me.”

James Hopper, 2-year employee | West Cleveland, Ohio, Residential/Commercial Services

“Before coming to the program, and after having many years in the industry, you think you have a vast amount of knowledge, but the training levels you out; you have a new platform from which to start.”

Kyle Lemesurier, 3.5-year employee | Muskoka, Ontario, Residential Services

“Davey is like a second family; we’re a tight bunch. We’re really positive; everyone is always wanting to learn more.”

Kyle McLoughlin, 4-year employee | Ontario, Canada, Davey Resource Group

“I’ve had a fantastic DITS experience. I’ve picked up a lot of learning, but I really love the cross communication from people all over the country. I’ve made friends in the States.”

Juan Perez, 6-year employee | Cincinnati, Ohio, Commercial Landscape Services

 “I definitely would recommend it to anyone, yes it is a hard program and you have to do your homework. It all comes with a great reward in the end, knowing you are going to be successful.”

Congratulations to all 2015 DITS graduates for all your hard work and dedication to the program!


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