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Go berry crazy with the trees you decide to plant in your backyard for winter color!

How to Brighten Up a Weary Winter with Trees

February 5, 2015

Are the gray skies, slippery ice and piles of snow weighing you down?

In the dark days of winter, we yearn for the fresh new blossoms of spring. Some of us crave color in blinding white winters—dreaming of full green canopies, yellow beams of sun and radiant, rainbow-tinted flowers.

Need a winter pick-me-up? You will be happy to know there are some colorful plant and tree species that can withstand Mother Nature’s harsh winters. Think about planting one of these species we’ve listed below for a constant color fix in your landscape all year long.  

4 Step winter interest breakdown:

Follow these 4 winter color tips to enjoy a bright, beautiful landscape all year long.

1. The Winter Tree Fix:

  • The Japanese maple. Its reddish bark not only adds a bit of color among winter's grays and white snow, but its vibrant leaves, ranging from deep reds to fiery oranges and yellows, also stand out among most other foliage in autumn.
  • Redosier dogwood. This hardy tree is the perfect accent to a drab winter landscape thanks to its deep red branches. The redosier dogwood prefers various soils and sun exposures and is considered a fast-growing tree.
  • Snowdrift crabapple. Add colorful visuals to your landscape any season with a snowdrift crabapple. Throughout winter, this hardy tree produces deep orange fruits that attract birds.

2. Go Berry Crazy:

  • Winterberry holly. The bright, vibrant red berries of this shrub can add magnificent color to an otherwise all-white landscape.
  • Holly Bush.T his very berry green is the heart of the winter color-fix plants, with its classic evergreen leaves and plush red or gold berries.
  • Cotoneaster. A fast-growing evergreen plant with bright, bold red berries that dazzle even in the midst of winter.

3. Winter Flower Power:

  • Camellias. This waxy-petal flower flourishes during fall and winter displaying shades of pink, red or coral blooms. 
  • Star Magnolia. A tree or shrub that blooms white fragrant flowers in the later months of winter into spring with pest and drought tolerance.  
  • Snow Drops. Plant this flower during fall to see blooming bulbs come winter. You can depend on this beautiful white snowdrop flower to return year after year.

4. Forever Evergreens:

  • Evergreens. They are the classic staple of winter, retaining bright green pines and foliage all year long. Plant pines, firs, and arborvitae for your forever evergreen dreams to come true.

What’s your favorite winter interest landscape plants? We would love to know! Comment or post colorful landscape photos below showing us how you spruce up the snowy, drab winter.

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