A New Aerial Challenge for Davey's Cape Cod Tree Services

A New Aerial Challenge for Davey's Cape Cod Tree Services

Davey’s Cape Cod tree service crew received two unusual requests late last year. Read more below—and tomorrow's post as wellto find out how office personnel and crewmembers handled each unique call.

Rescuing cats and birds from trees is all in a day’s work at Davey, but the crash landing of a remote-controlled aerial drone called for one climber to elevate his game.

Trimmer Trainee Reis LeBeau recently found himself scaling a tree to retrieve the drone after its pilot accidentally crashed it in the leafy crown.

Davey’s Cape Cod tree services Client Experience Coordinator Carol Booth says the drone crashed in a tree on the property of a client who just happened to be preparing for a backyard wedding the next day. The wedding party was out on a yacht cruising Massachusett’s Quisset Harbor when they decided to give the ship’s captain an impromptu flight lesson—one that ended with LeBeau’s own aerial acrobatics.

“It worked out well because we just happened to be in the neighborhood, so we just sent them over and Reis climbed the tree and brought it down,” Booth says. “That was a strange one.”

Check out tomorrow's blog post for another interesting story from Davey's Cape Cod tree services! If you need assistance with your backyard tree care this year, contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation.

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