It's 11/11. Your Trees Are Wishing for a Healthy Winter.

It's 11/11. Your Trees Are Wishing for a Healthy Winter.

Whether you're bracing yourself for the wicked weather ahead, or standing in an early, unwelcome snow drift, winter is right around the corner. Preparing your trees can protect your property from storm damage and provide healthy growth in spring.

11 Tips to Help Your Trees Survive Winter

1. Remove critical risk trees.

2. Fertilize as part of your normal annual program.

3. Inspect for ice and snow damage

4. Cable, brace or remove weak limbs.

5. Prune for shape, structure and health.

6. Eliminate dead, diseased or unsafe branches.

7. Examine trees and shrubs for insects and diseases.

8. Hydrate trees before the ground freezes.

9. Wrap newly planted trees for warmth and protection.

10. Mulch for root protection.

11. Protect trees from salt damage.

Visit our winter tree care resource center to download the complete winter checklist and learn more ways to winterize your trees.

Need help winterizing your trees? Contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation.

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