If You Remove a Tree, Replace It!

If You Remove a Tree, Replace It!

Imagine all the tree benefits you’re missing when a tree must be removed.

In fact, the benefits of planting a new tree are endless, including energy conservation, cooling effects, aesthetic values and many more. That’s why the city of San Francisco has a simple ordinance: if you remove a tree, you must replace it.

Davey’s San Francisco tree services recently participated in a tree replacement project that astonished the local neighborhood. After a construction vehicle damaged a ficus tree planted along an urban sidewalk, the homeowner called in Davey to safely remove the tree and provide a replacement.

The client requested a large tree be planted and had struggled to find a tree care service that could handle a task like this. The crew faced a challenge because of the weight of the tree and the relatively small opening in the sidewalk.


The Davey team offered several species that do well in the area for the replacement tree. The client selected a southern magnolia tree. As San Francisco Sales Arborist Nick Crawford says, “It was 15 feet tall and in perfect form. I was totally impressed with it.”


The next day, the crew arrived to perform the tree replacement with a crane truck. The tree was placed into the hole, and the team managed to preserve the existing irrigation system to hydrate the new southern magnolia. (Pictured: Foreman Ruben Yupit, left, and Nick Crawford.)


Without a hitch, Davey properly planted the southern magnolia. Following the completion, Crawford says he received emails about how wonderful the replacement turned out. As he says, “It was a great feeling knowing that we really delivered and that the client was overwhelmingly satisfied.”


Do you have a tree that needs removed or replaced? We can help! Contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation. 

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