Davey's St. Louis Tree Services Help Preserve Historic Tree

Davey's St. Louis Tree Services Help Preserve Historic Tree

A tree standing outside of Brentwood High School has studied the many generations of students to pass through the school’s doors for nearly 85 years, observing the changes they have experienced while it has changed itself. The school, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, has dubbed this tree the “Principal Tree,” and it has served as a significant landmark on school grounds for decades.

In October, Davey’s St. Louis tree services partnered with Brentwood School District and the Brentwood High School Alumni Association to preserve a piece of the ground’s history, the “Principal Tree.” The tree, an 85-year-old post oak, was suffering from a combination of injuries from recent construction and two years of record heat and drought in the area.

Karl Dreyer, Davey’s St. Louis district manager, says the tree was battling against a tough growing spot. When Davey was called to the scene, approximately one-fourth of the tree was defoliating. In addition, due to the construction on the grounds, the tree was exposed to soil compaction and an urban growing setting.

After examination, the St. Louis team expected some challenges, but it was more than ready to start preserving history. The preservation work included:

  • Treatment for oak wilt protection
  • Dormant pruning
  • Treatment for growth regulation

As a result of Davey’s work, the tree has responded well and is beginning to stabilize. Together with Davey, the Brentwood High School Alumni Association and the Brentwood School District, the “Principal Tree” can continue to serve as a social spot for current and future students in years to come.

Do you have a tree that needs preservation treatments? We can help! Contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation.

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