Hurricane Sandy Comes Alive From Felled Tree

Hurricane Sandy Comes Alive From Felled Tree

Two years after Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. east coast, we share with you the afterlife of a wood sculptor's 100-year-old ash tree that fell during the storm.

Medusa or Hurricane Sandy? Arguably both are abhorrent creatures, and that may be just the feeling New Jersey area wood sculptor Dan Freed sought to inspire with his grotesque, award-winning creation.

Freed’s sculpture, aptly titled “Hurricane Sandy Brought to Justice in Sussex County,” sprouted from the remains of a 100-year-old ash tree felled in his yard by the 2012 hurricane.

Photo credit: Dan Freed

“It turned up a 12-foot root ball,” Freed said. “I took a power washer, power-washed the root ball (and) took all the dirt off. And when I did, it looked like a head of hair.”

Freed was among the thousands of victims who suffered some form of loss at the hands of the super storm. But he sought to bring forth something useful from the destruction.

The wicked-looking sculpture functions as a piece of art and, perhaps more fittingly, a bird house.

His art won best of show in the 2014 Skylands Regional Juried Art Exhibit in Sussex County, New Jersey.

You can watch Freed talk about his creation in this Davey Tree Tree Stories video. Freed was among more than 60 members of the Garden Writers Association who shared their Tree Stories with Davey at the recent GWA symposium in Pittsburgh.

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