Fall Tree Care 101: Dormant Pruning

Fall Tree Care 101: Dormant Pruning

When it comes to proper tree care, timing is everything.

Temperatures are dropping, and your trees' growth is slowing down. A cooler climate and inactive growing offers the ideal time to begin pruning shade and ornamental trees. During the dormant season, leaves are out of the picture and limbs are easier to handle. Dormant pruning means less stress on the trees, faster turnaround and an attractive new look.

Dormant pruning:

1. Helps trees withstand damage from severe weather.

2. Can help protect trees from insects and disease.

3. Is much more efficient.

Do you have your fall checklist?

Before you know it, winter will be here. Prepare your trees for the change in weather conditions. Download the full fall checklist, how-to videos and more.

Take advantage of all the benefits dormant pruning provides your trees. Contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation.

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