Fall Craft Idea No. 3: Candle Centerpiece

Fall Craft Idea No. 3: Candle Centerpiece

Do you like to entertain family and friends? If so, you'll want to learn how to make this simple fall centerpiece below. 

Fall Craft Idea No. 3: Candle Centerpiece

Description: At your next dinner party, impress guests with this creative centerpiece. It’s simple to make and will warm your table with those fall colors from the outdoors.


  •          Candles in different heights (They can be found at craft stores.)
  •          6-8 dried leaves
  •          Twine
  •          Burlap spool


  •          Cut burlap strands to fit around each candle. Hold it in place around candle.
  •          Hold the number of leaves you desire on top of the burlap.
  •          Secure the burlap and leaves with a piece of twine.
  •          Tie twine in a bow.
  •          Set the decorated candle on a table or give it as a gift.

Candle Centerpiece fall craft idea credit: thatswhatchesaid.net

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