Fall Craft Idea No. 1: Leaf Picture Frame

Fall Craft Idea No. 1: Leaf Picture Frame

What a wonderful, colorful time of year fall is, especially when tree canopies begin to shed their leaves in colors of scarlet, gold and amber. We only get to experience this once a year, so why not preserve those magnificent peak colors to enjoy all year long?

Head outside to your backyard, closest park or nearby walking trail and gather some of the falling leaves. Then, head inside to a crackling fire and turn your collection of fall leaves into art with just a few supplies.

Read below for one of the fall craft ideas we found on Pinterest, including the simple supplies and family friendly instructions required to create it:

Fall Craft Idea No. 1: Leaf Picture Frame

Description: While you, your family and friends are outside collecting leaves, capture the moment with your camera, then share the photo in this fall frame.


  • 8-10 dried leaves
  • Unused picture frame (You could even cut a piece of cardboard to the size you choose.)
  • Mod Podge
  • Small foam brush


  • With the foam brush, lightly coat the front and back of a leaf with Mod Podge.
  • Place the coated leaf on the area of your choice on the picture frame/cardboard.
  • Continue this process until the picture frame/cardboard is covered with leaves.
  • Give the picture frame and leaves several hours to dry. The leaves should have a gloss on them.
  • Place the finished frame on a table or hang it up on a wall to remind yourself of the fall fun you had this season!

Stay tuned for more fun fall crafts right here on the Davey blog, "In the Shade!"

Leaf Picture Frame fall craft idea credit: workitmom.com

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