Want Healthy Trees This Spring? Think Naturally.

Want Healthy Trees This Spring? Think Naturally.

It's back to nature when it comes to maximizing the health and performance of your trees.

Mother Nature knows best. After all, natural sunlight powers photosynthesis, the process through which plants eat. Natural rain showers quench the thirst of roots beneath the earth's surface. And the natural byproducts in soil fuel plants to grow bigger and stronger, while combating challenging weather conditions and threatening diseases.

Not all environments, however, are populated with sufficient rich, natural resources. These environments might fail to properly nourish their green inhabitants with the means to survive long, healthy lifespans. That's where Davey comes in to help urban environments replicate their more natural counterparts so trees and landscapes thrive.

It's important to protect the world around us for generations to come. And that's what Earth Day is all about: The natural resources surrounding us and ways we can ensure their existence in the future. Earth Day, an American civic observance dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and campaigns, is something we're celebrating this month on April 22. And reducing, reusing and recycling is the spirit of Earth Day!

Sustainable Solutions. Several Davey crews donate mulch to local parks, schools and other organizations throughout the year, but S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists, a Davey company, has been making its own natural mulch to sell for more than 10 years.

Through its wood products division, S&S has found ways to put local unwanted or dead plant material to good use. The company takes advantage of leftover limbs, bark and branches from the trees its crews and other local businesses trim or remove to create a natural substance from which living trees can benefit. "We only use natural materials for our product," says Sales Arborist Rick Hogan.

natural mulch
S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists, a Davey company, uses natural materials to produce mulch.

S&S's wood products division processes approximately 100,000 square yards of natural material annually to create mulch for landscapes, playgrounds, parks and more. How TREEmendous!

Your Turn. Would you like to learn more about sustainable practices and earth-friendly techniques to maintain the health of your trees? Contact your local professionally trained Davey arborist for tree care advice that can benefit the landscape in your own backyard.

We wish you great fun and success during your Earth Day projects this season! Please share your experiences in the comments below. We'd love to hear about your work and ideas!

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