A Picture Worth 1,000 Words, From the Hands of a Davey Groundman

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words, From the Hands of a Davey Groundman

From the special, sentimental trees they monitor and prune to improve the aesthetics of  communities' green spaces and homeowners' properties to the powerlines they keep clear to maintain uninterrupted electricity, Davey's professionally trained arborists bring smiles to the faces of all individuals who value trees and their contributions to the surrounding environment.

Davey groundman batman drawing
A drawing of Batman (pictured) by Davey Groundman Devin Kowalski, who presented a similar drawing to a young boy fascinated by his Batman shirt during a lunch break one day.

The keen eyes of Davey arborists focus on ways to help trees' branches reach a little higher and trees' roots grow a little deeper to maximize the benefits they provide local parks, streetscapes and residences. In terms of tree care, it's the attention to detail that makes a difference-not only in the health of the plant but also in the level of client satisfaction.

But one Davey groundman has discovered another unique talent that can initiate positivity. On an otherwise ordinary afternoon, he realized that sometimes a pen and paper are all you need to make someone's day.

Davey Groundman Devin Kowalski had stopped in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada, during his lunch break one afternoon when he noticed a shy, yet curious, young boy looking over in his direction. While Kowalski waited for his meal near the counter, he overheard Aimee Proskie, from the Ministry of Social Services in Fort Qu'Appelle, conversing with the timid 5-year-old she had been transporting for the day.

"My little guy was just amazed at the Davey worker," Proskie says, referring to the Batman shirt Kowalski was wearing beneath his uniform vest. "I tried to get him to tell the man 'Nice shirt!' but he was way too scared."

When Kowalski looked over to Proskie and the child, he smiled, but "the boy was too shy to say anything." Shortly after, he left with his lunch and returned to his truck in the parking lot to grab a spare piece of paper, a Sharpie® pen and a highlighter.

Davey groundman
Devin Kowalski, Davey groundman for the Saskatchewan Power account

Kowalski quickly drew a Batman character on the paper, folded it and then took it inside to the child. "I grew up liking Batman, so I figured the boy was in the same place," he explains.

"My little guy was so thankful and amazed by this stranger's kindness," Proskie says. "I think this was such an important and meaningful event to this little boy."

From pencil drawings, paintings and tattoos, Kowalski has developed quite a hobby over the last few years. Although he typically draws characters, Kowalski has painted a few landscapes as well. And depending on the art piece and circumstances, he's even been offered payment for his work.

But Kowalski was more than happy to give away his Batman drawing for free on the day he met one of his biggest fans during an otherwise ordinary lunchbreak.

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