Plant a Tree... For Goodness Sake

Plant a Tree... For Goodness Sake

Mother Nature is making the headlines.

This week began with worldwide recognition of the environment in which we live.

Every year, millions of people recognize Earth Day on April 22 - it's the largest civic observance in the world that encourages individuals to acknowledge the planet and take action to maintain and protect it.

And we wrap up the week with Arbor Day on April 26, a nationally-recognized holiday that emphasizes benefits specific to trees, the living power plants that produce several psychological, aesthetic and health benefits.

It Pays to Plant Trees. To coincide with this year's Arbor Day celebrations, Davey not only donated, planted and cared for trees, both new and old, but also found a way to visually represent trees' benefits: Davey crews throughout the U.S. brought tree value tags to their communities and hung them on the trunks of trees visible to passersby.

Davey's tree value tags display the trees' monetary value of benefits over a number of years. Flip over the tag and read about the number of gallons of stormwater the tree helps intercept, the pounds of carbon dioxide the tree absorbs and the number of kilowatt-hours of energy the tree saves its property, all in one year.

tree benefits

Trees give back to community parks, neighborhoods and commercial lots in countless ways. Why not establish or build upon an existing sustainable environment from which you and your neighbors can benefit by planting a tree this year?

Plant Like the Pros. Interested in promoting a healthier environment in your community? To start, determine local areas where you can best optimize natural resources, aesthetics and space. Where will local residents and visitors most likely benefit from the natural entities your community provides? Once you balance your options and find the best solution, you're ready to dig in.

family enjoying trees

You can plant a tree today and gain benefits tomorrow. All you need is a shovel,some muscle and knowledge to ensure a solid start. Study up by watching a Davey profes­sional plant a tree at, and learn how to plant a tree the right way.

On Your Mark. Before you choose a tree, size up your space. Does it get full or partial sunlight? Is the soil dry or does it tend to collect moisture? How large is the area and how close is it to other trees, landscape beds or your home?

Ready? Dig It Right. A tree's hole should be at least twice as wide as the rootball and only as deep as it needs to be. "The adage is, if you have $100 worth of tree, you should spend $200 digging your hole," says Davey expert and ISA Board Certified Master Arborist R.J. Laverne.

Get Set, In the Hole. When you place the rootball in the hole, the root flare should be level to the ground. Then, cut away the twine and burlap and set the tree into the hole. Fill in with soil and follow with mulch on the soil surface.

Go & Move with Care. Tree planting is stressful-for the tree. Never lift a tree by its trunk; always move it by the rootball.

measuring tree diameter
Davey's R.J. Laverne measures the diameter of a tree. He uses i-Tree tools to input tree data and determine trees' values.

Ah, Time To Hydrate. "Imagine how thirsty this tree is after getting it planted," Laverne says. For the first year, take special care of it and be sure it has enough water. Wilted leaves are a sign of stress. After a year, consider pruning and adding a slow-release fertilizer to promote root growth. "Before you know it, the tree will be well on its way."

Tree Tags Tell All. i-Tree tools can help you determine the value of the trees you plant for the current year and beyond. The resulting dollar amount will support your decision to plant the tree now but also help you better understand its benefits and how they will carry into the future.

In the words of Davey's tree value tags: "Larger trees provide more benefits. Help your trees live long lives."

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