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2013 DITS class

Spring Training at Davey Tree

March 1, 2013

They hail from areas all over the U.S. and Canada - from British Columbia to North Carolina to San Diego to Boston - hauling all items necessary to prepare them for a one-month training program at The Davey Institute.

Not all 47 attendees have the same background, title or even years of experience, but at the very least they do share the following in common: 1. The ability to think creatively and critically and 2. The determination to become future leaders.

In February, the Davey Institute welcomed the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences class of 2013 to the company's corporate headquarters in Kent, Ohio. During the past four weeks, participating Davey employees tested their skills in climbing, roping and rigging. They joined instructors outdoors for valuable exercises to practice inventories, ALB assessments and cabling and bracing. Then, testing determined the levels at which attendees executed their skills and abilities in the field.

Attendees often and eagerly lined up to share stories and offer insight. They revealed an incredible amount of passion for their careers and the Davey Company. But most importantly, the 2013 DITS class exited the doors of The Davey Institute well-trained, more confident and better prepared to lead themselves - and the company - toward a brighter future.

We'd like to recognize the 2013 DITS class graduates for their hard work and active participation. Congratulations!

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