Trees Are Important Everyday

Trees Are Important Everyday

Remember when you were a child playing at the park and the trees towered all around you - tall and strong? Maybe you'd try and wrap your arms around their massive trunks. Or maybe you'd bend your neck back as far as you could to try and look up and see through all of the branches to the very tops of the trees.

And as you grew, the trees grew with you. While other things like your childhood home appeared smaller as you grew bigger, trees still towered above you - watchful guardians of your progress. Even as an adult, I find myself standing back in awe at the amazing structures of some of my favorite trees.

Year after year, Mother Nature blesses us with beautiful specimens that last. Their growth inspires us to embrace all of life's memories and branch out to try new experiences. Like trees, we can achieve great milestones through personal growth.

girl planting tree - FB

That's why we celebrate Arbor Day. Whether certain states, countries, communities or organizations acknowledge trees' significance today, tomorrow or next week, trees grow with us, helping us remember our special moments. It's a reminder that trees are important not just today, but everyday.

Today, as we celebrate all trees, we'd like to join American Forests in recognizing a special tree - a new National Champion Tree. As one of Maymont Park's heritage trees, the Darlington Oak (Quercus hemisphaerica) was nominated by Maymont's Peggy Singlemann for its impressive size and stability. With a 261-inch circumference, 108-foot crown spread and a 76-foot height, it's hard to miss this tree. But, more importantly, the tree's dimensions contribute to its ability to live a healthy, long and fulfilling life. The Darlington Oak receives maintenance from The Davey Tree Expert Company's Richmond, Va., office.

As we honor big trees, today, Davey is also celebrating Arbor Day with Chicago Gateway Green in Navy Pier's Gateway Park with the planting of a new 3-inch white oak tree. This tree is one of many that were planted at schools across the country to commemorate the 25-year legacy of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago and foster the enjoyment of reading in nature for young and old. We're excited to continue to watch this tree grow along with the children who are enjoying its planting today.

Darlington oak_Richmond VA
The Darlington Oak.

Arbor Day 2012 is also a special day for Davey because we received the Beacon Award from The Arbor Day Foundation. The award was given to recognize our contribution to tree planting, conservation and stewardship, including donating 5,000 trees each to the Joplin and Alabama Tree Recovery Campaigns this past week to help replant trees destroyed by last spring's tornados.

Today, as you marvel at the natural wonders that shade your home, your daily walk in the park or your ride to work or as you plant new trees to acknowledge special moments, be thankful of all of the trees that have stood beside you throughout your life. Because of your care and attention, I like to think these trees are thankful for you, too.

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