Planning Makes Perfect

Planning Makes Perfect


The weather was so beautiful the other day that I drove the long route home, thinking of spring every bit of the way.

I couldn't help but think about how beautiful the bare trees along the curb would look in only a matter of weeks. I could already see buds on the trees. Soon flowers will emerge and grace us with gorgeous blooms, while lustrous green leaves will begin to take over tree canopies.

As I made my way through the neighborhood, I thought about the beauty of my own gardens and landscape during the spring and summer months. I longed to get to work and start planting, but then I realized I hadn't yet established a planting plan of my own.

I thought, "Where will my annuals go? Which plants will attract more wildlife? Should I plant another tree this year?"

From my experience, it never hurts to plan ahead when it comes to your gardens, lawns and landscapes. Planning ahead helps you see the bigger picture, which will ultimately reap bigger benefits from your efforts.

The students and staff at Wayne Trail Elementary School in Maumee, Ohio, can attest to that.

WEB - Great Ohio Planting Day 2

In November, The Davey Tree Expert Company, Keep Ohio Beautiful and Ohio Department of Natural Resources staff collaborated to help create a Master Tree Planting Plan for Wayne Trail Elementary. Their efforts incorporated the Master Plan into the first Great Ohio Planting Day, which involved 105 fifth graders and their science teacher.

But before the students could begin to dig in, certified arborists pitched in some advice. They walked the school grounds and mapped ideal locations to plant four new trees. The plan's development considered:

  • Genus and species - Which trees will thrive in the school's location?
  • Grow space - How much space is available to plant trees? How big will the trees grow?
  • Function (shade, education, stormwater retention, wildlife habitat) - Which trees will best suit the needs of the school?
Great Ohio Planting Day 3

For years to come, Wayne Trail Elementary will benefit from the four trees Davey employees and fifth graders helped plant. But the school's Master Tree Planting Plan is yet another gift that keeps on giving - the school can use it to improve its landscape for several more years.

You can apply the same factors and considerations to creating master plans for your green spaces as well. Get to know your landscape needs before you start planting and your efforts will flourish.

If you're anything like me, you're itching to get to work in your yard. Take a moment to start planning the tasks at hand this spring. You'll be pleased with the results.

  • Japanese Maple May 26, 2012 >Hi Sir Your Students are so active. What is the school name? And where are you planting the tree.
  • Pinto Peanut May 24, 2012 >Great job. All children are enjoying this.They may feel love for trees. Thank your for this posting.
  • Chuck Bowen April 6, 2012 >I love this! This is my home district, and it warmed my heart to see the kids helping to plant those trees. Made my day. Thanks!
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